CATCH stands for a Coordinated Approach to Child Health. It is a community health programs whose aim is to impact the messaging a child receives in physical education, the lunchroom, the classroom, and at home, to influence a child’s choices not only in school, but lifelong. Two of the most important ways that CATCH creates behavior change are by enabling children to identify healthy foods, and by increasing the amount of moderate to vigorous physical activity (MVPA) children engage in each day. CATCH is based on the CDC Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child model in which health education, school environment, and family/community involvement work together to support youth in a healthy lifestyle.

The CATCH program is intended to educate youth about and foster a school environment that supports healthy behaviors.

  • Classroom - Grade-specific curricula, designed for use in core classrooms, teach children about the importance of healthy eating, active living, and tobacco avoidance;
  • PE - PE teachers use activity cards to lead non-elimination activities that are inclusive, fun, and designed to increase moderate-to-vigorous physical activity;
  • Cafeteria - Food service staff plan and promote healthy food options so that the cafeteria becomes a learning and supportive environment; and
  • Family and Community - Reinforcement activities are sent home for parents or guardians to complete with youth, and the school hosts CATCH events families can attend

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