Physical Education Rules

1. Always report to class on time.
  • Immediately sit in roll call order on your assigned spot.
  • Cross legs so as not to trip other students.
  • During roll call there should be no talking, you should listen for your name and respond appropriately.
  • If you need to report to another teacher (art, music, make-up tests etc.) you must remain until dismissed by a P.E. teacher. A note from the teacher or a list of names should be submitted.
  • Never leave class without permission.
2. Stop, look and listen when the whistle blows.
  • The whistle is used to quickly and efficiently get the attention of all students.
  • Students should immediately stop talking, playing, etc., and give attention to the P.E. staff for instruction.
3. Follow directions the first time they are given.
  • This is for safety as well as allowing more time for physical activity.
  • Students are expected to participate in all class activities. This includes exercises as well as game oriented activities.
4.Show respect for all.
  • Students should practice the following habits with adults as well as other students.
1. Be verbally polite ---- Say yes sir, please, thank-you, etc., encourage other students, no name calling or other put downs.
2. Be physically polite ----- Give everyone an opportunity to play regardless of their skill level, wait your turn, no cutting, hold doors when needed.
3. Respect equipment---Use properly, put away when finished.
5.Be prepared for class.
  • Dress appropriately. This is for your child's safety and the safety of others.
1. Tennis shoes must be worn. No sandals, boots, dress or backless shoes are allowed even on dress down days.
2. Girls must wear shorts. If wearing a skirt or dress shorts must be worn underneath.
3. Jackets or sweaters must be zipped or buttoned if worn so that they do not accidentally hit another student in the eye, mouth, etc.
4. Jewelry is not recommended as it may be lost, broken, or even cause injury to the child or another child.
5. No food or gum allowed.

Additional information
1. Students with Medical Problems
  • Any notes or other information should be given to a P.E. teacher immediately upon reporting to class.
  • If your child has any disability, prevailing illness or other health problems a doctor's note should be sent with instructions limiting the amount of activity.
  • After returning to P.E. from a long illness or an injury a release note from the doctor is needed. This should include limitations if necessary.
  • If your child has a minor illness such as a cold or flu a note from the parent excusing them from participating in class is necessary. If the illness becomes prolonged a doctor's note should be sent.
2. Bathroom/ Water Break
  • Students are allowed water during activity with permission of teacher.
  • All students are allowed to use the bathroom and get water at the end of class. This is not intended to be a time for socializing.
a. Students are expected to walk quietly in the hallway.
b. Students are expected to wait their turn in line at the water fountain.
3. Time Out
  • Occasionally a student will need to be removed from an activity for not following one of the P.E. rules. The student is asked to stand to the side. This allows the student to:
a. Calm down and get control if they are angry, upset or just acting silly.
b. Think about why they were removed from an activity and what they should have done instead.
c. Allows them to concentrate or pay closer attention to instructions.
ยท If the behavior persists or is extreme, a behavior report will be issued so that you may be made aware of the problem.